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Home Air Quality Tests in Berks County, PA

Your home’s indoor air quality could be affecting your health. If you experience fatigue, dizziness, or headaches in your home, your indoor air quality could have high levels of carbon dioxide (CO2) and other harmful pollutants. With our 24-hour home air quality testing equipment, we can identify problem areas and provide expert solutions that will make your air healthier in your home. You will not be charged a service fee for calls made during normal business hours, and we guarantee same-day service. Contact Ally Heating and Cooling to schedule your air quality inspection today!

Breathe Better with Indoor Air Quality Testing

Our comprehensive indoor air quality testing detects contaminants such as mold spores, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), allergens, and particulate matter that are often invisible to the eye but can significantly impact air quality. The indoor air quality testing recommendations we offer customers range from HVAC system upgrades to changes in building materials or cleaning practices.

We have industry-insider knowledge about the best performing technology on the market that is designed to enhance your home’s indoor air quality. Our crew is informed about modern construction versus outdated methods and their varying impact on indoor air quality. Fill out an online form to schedule your home air quality test with Ally Heating and Cooling today!

Expert Air Quality Inspection

Being that you may spend up to 90% of your home indoors, exposure to indoor air pollution can have serious consequences. Our air quality inspection helps keep pollutants down to a minimum by being as thorough as possible and providing the best solutions on the market. Ally Heating and Cooling’s home air quality testing addresses the causes of indoor air pollution such as:

We offer 0% financing! Explore our product inventory and schedule your 22-point indoor and outdoor inspection with our local HVAC company today!


Schedule Professional Air Quality Testing Today!

By performing professional air quality testing in your home, we can identify problem areas that need to be remediated. Ally Heating and Cooling works with homeowners to adjust humidity levels, install or change air filters, install air purifiers or cleaners, and clean air ducts.

Once the indoor air quality remediation process is complete, our team members may repeat a home air quality test to ensure that levels are at an optimal level. Throughout the comprehensive indoor air quality testing process, our team members will work closely with you to schedule and review reports so that you understand our methods and findings. Contact us today to schedule your professional air quality testing!